Shibui Bonsai Kai

On behalf of the committee and all the members of Shibui Bonsai Kai, we extend to the Nel family, as well as the members of Pretoria Bonsai Kai our very deepest sympathies at this very sad time.

Louis was an extremely talented and artistic Bonsai enthusiast and always conducted his lectures, demonstrations and workshops in a most friendly and entertaining way.  His talented Bonsai expertise was recognised by the famous late John Naka as well as Roy Nagatoshi of the United States of America, two great internationally recognised Bonsai Masters.  Recently Louis became better known to the International Bonsai community through his various demonstrations at International Bonsai conventions and as the African representative of the World Bonsai Friendship Federation.  His ‘sometimes’ quiet manner and personality was appreciated by all and many asked where his ‘Rebel without a Pause’ motto came from.  Once you got to know Louis, this became more evident.

We at Shibui were privileged to have Louis with us in December for our year end function and enjoy a tour of the Brenthurst Garden and view the recently opened Heritage Bonsai Collection on the Estate.  We will all surely miss Louis’ enthusiastic personality and wisdom and the South African Bonsai community realise we have lost our Bonsai Ambassador, responsible for ‘Building the bridges of International Friendship and Peace, through Bonsai’.   Telephone and e-mail messages of sympathy from Bonsai friends countrywide as well as Internationally have been received by me over the past week, a very fitting testimony to Louis’ great popularity and personality.

On behalf of the whole Bonsai community of the country, to the Nel family, we share with you, your very sad loss at this time.

Derry Ralph
President – Shibui Bonsai Kai

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