E-mails we received from CLIMBING  friends are copied below:


Dear Cornie,

We’ve all been very saddened by your father’s death. I know of a number of his climbing friends, myself included, who will be at his service on Friday.

God bless,


Dear Rene,

You may not remember us, you and Louis kindly had Cal and I to stay when we came up to Pretoria for the pre-Annapurna meeting some years back.  We three sisters were part of the trek that Louis led to the Annapurna Sanctuary and base camp in 2008.  We were so saddened to hear of his tragic passing – he was such a vibrant person and a wonderful leader to our group in the Himalayas.  His sense of humour was delightful and he managed to lighten many a tense situation with his reasonable and rational temperament.  We feel really privileged to have shared the time we did with him – you and your family are very much in our thoughts and prayers.

Fond regards,

Rhona Lang, Cal Engelbrecht and Heather Duncan

Dear Friends,

Some tragic news – Louis Nel who led your Annapurna trek in 2008, was tragically killed by a reckless driver close to his home while out jogging last week. His funeral will be on 29 April at 11:00 in the NG Church Faerie Glen (c/o Manitoba & Glenwood). See e-mail below from his son-in-law, Cornie Scheffer.

Louis was a very special friend of ours who lived close by when we stayed in Faerie Glen. He led four trekking expeditions for Summit Ventures, and will be remembered by those who accompanied him as a beautiful person, who enjoyed life to the full. Warm and caring, capable in the outdoors and strong in leadership with a lovely sense of humour, he attracted a wide circle of friends. We mourn his passing, and extend our condolences to his family.

Today is Easter Sunday when we celebrate the joyful resurrection of Christ. May his family find comfort in the knowledge that Christ rose from the grave, overcoming the powers of darkness and death.

Yours as ever,



One Response to “CLIMBING”
  1. Carolyn Engelbrecht says:

    My heartfelt condolences to René and the rest of the family at this sad time. My sister, Rhona and I were made to feel so welcome when Louis and René offered us a room in their home for the Information Evening prior to our Annapurna trek in April 2008.

    Louis was an excellent leader to our small, yet diverse group of trekkers during the 16 day Annapurna Base Camp trek. Always in control yet never domineering, he lead by example. His passion for the mountains and respect for nature were obvious and inspiring. His integrity, diplomacy and delightful sense of humour were key ingredients to dealing with potentially tricky situations with group dynamics. He truly had a servant’s heart.

    His unnecessary passing is in deed a great loss not only to his family but no doubt to a much wider community in the running, hiking, bonsai and pharmaceutical worlds. We will miss Louis, as his family and friends will no doubt do so – yet I hope that there may be some comfort in the knowledge that for him, “death has no sting”! (1 Corinthians 15:54-57)

    Carolyn Engelbrecht

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