E-mails we received from BRUNEL friends are copied below:


Aan almal by Brunel

Dit is met groot skok dat ons verneem het van Louis Nel se skielike heengaan. Ek dink ons almal bly dink aan hoe kort gelede ons nog ‘n gesprek met hierdie geliefde man gehad het. Ek sal altyd sy unieke manier van groet “ek moet net keer of dit gaan beter” onthou. Ons maatskappy het ‘n wonderlike verhouding met hom gehad en sy openhartigheid en vriendlikheid was altyd ‘n toonbeeld van die Brunel gasvryheid. Dit is met innige meegevoel dat ons dink aan almal by Brunel en aan Louis se geliefde familie wat ‘n groot gees verloor het. Ons dink aan julle en bid dat julle vertroosting sal vind.

Dra asseblief my persoonlike meegevoel oor aan Louis se familie.

Vriendelike groete,

Hannon Bothma

Hi Cornie.

Thank you for that, WHAT A TRAGEDY, I have been doing business with Louis for the last 10 years and in that time, we had become friends and when ever I was in JHB I would visit and discuss business as well as Bonsais, but, I never did meet his Family, however, please send them my MOST sincere condolences.

Thanks and Regards

Des Robertson.

Beste Cornie

Dit is met groot skok en hartseer dat ons verneem het van die afsterwe van Louis Nel.  Hy was ‘n vriend van ons navorsingseenheid en die fakulteit.  Ek wil graag ons opregte meegevoel betuig met u almal.  U verlies is ook ons verlies.  Ons sal hom baie mis en is dankbaar vir die pad wat ons saam kon stap.  Dra asseblief ons opregte meegevoel oor aan die familie.

Vriendelike groete


Ek wil net aan al die kollegas, familie en vriende van Mnr Nel se, ek is so jammer oor die groot verlies.  Dis n groot skok.  Sy grappies sal gemis word.

Woorde sal niks beter maak nie, maar ons dink aan julle almal en dra almal aan die Here op vir vertroosting.

Baie groete

Marcel Blignaut

Dear family of the Late Louis Nel.

I am so so shocked, devastated and sorry to hear about Louis. Only God can understand how such a terrible thing could happen to such a wonderful man. My deepest sympathy. Louis actually assisted me to make the very first batch of Sister Jenny’s JEN-TIL Cream that was ever made in a factory, more than 15 years ago. My thoughts are with you.

With all my love and compassion in your time of sorrow.

Sister Jenny

Dear Cornie, thank you for this message.

When I heard the tragic news of Louis’ death I was filled with utmost sorrow and anger given the circumstances under which he died. We had known each other for more than 25 years and he was a valued customer of mine, a most interesting person who will be sorely missed.
Whenever I had occasion to visit him we not only discussed business but also other subjects such as his climbing experiences and his passion for Bonsai.
Please convey my most sincere and heartfelt condolences to his family, I will also personally do so when I attend the funeral on Friday.

Steve van den Heever

Dear Cornie,

Please accept our sincere condolences on your sad loss. We live in California for 23 years now, and we had a business relationship with your father for many years before we left.
If you see Syd Rogers please tell him we are thinking of him as well. The last time I saw them was 4 years ago. Do you have Syd’s e-mail address maybe ?

Kind regards

Mervyn, Beverley, Shaun, Kim and Annie Miller

Hi Paulet,

I am terribly sorry for your loss, and I wish you and your family strength through this difficult time.


Dear Paulet,

That is terrible news! Knowing what you are going through now, I am so much wishing you lots of strength for this time.

Kathrin Herbst


It is with our deepest regret that we hear of the passing of your father. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers at this time.

Kindest regards,

Kathleen and Gerrit
Peter and Lindsey

Hi Daar!

Baie jammer om te hoor van die slegte nuus.  Ek weet nie wat om te se nie, maar weet as ek kan help met iets laat my weet !!   Ek sal hom ook baie mis!!!!!!!!!  ..

Angela Brand

Hi Paulet

My deepest sympathy to you and your family on the news of your dads passing away.

I am totally in shock over the news.

Kind thoughts over this very difficult time.


19 Responses to “BRUNEL”
  1. Bell Bosma says:

    Dear Cornie,

    It was a great shock to hear the passing of Louis. I had a meeting with him on Tuesday the 19th April at 11h00 at their plant in Sebenza. He was going to expand the business to include supplementary medicines, and we had just discussed my proposal and quotation to build the facility. We wanted to get into the facility but the gates were locked. Louis wanted to jump over the perimeter wall and I still joked with him. He was so full of energy.

    My deepest sympathy to his wife, daughters and family.


    Bell Bosma

  2. Michelle Fong and Simon Dunn says:

    Hi Cornie

    Thank you for the email.
    We are still devastated & heart broken by what has happened!
    I am from Dragongate, we are the HR consultants to Brunel Pharm & Mnf.
    Simon & I would like to give you & Louis’s family our deepest sympathies.

    I am glad to have seen Louis the day before.
    Louis said it was as if I was sent, as he hadn’t had lunch & was hungry & I popped
    in with snacks which we had over coffee & a few laughs while catching up .

    Louis was not just a client, he became a very good friend in the few years we knew him!!
    I’m sure this is no surprise that Louis was a magic person, well liked, respected & loved.
    I admired Louis’s appetite & appreciation for life & his courage to enjoy life & live his dreams.
    I am just glad he was able to live his life the way he planned it.

    I believe Louis will do the same where he is – bring memories to 1 & all, as he did here!

    You are all in our thoughts.

    Warmest Regards
    Michelle Fong & Simon Dunn

  3. Glynn Forman says:

    Hi Cornie

    Thank you for the mail .. I was utterly shocked when Paul Jonker phoned me about Louis. I have done business with him for 20 years and can honestly say he was one of the most honest, decent men that i have had the good fortune to meet in my life. Through good and bad times he was always the same and it was a pleasure to have grown our businesses together over the years. Please forward my greatest sympathy to his wife and daughters for me..

    Yours scincerly

    Glynn Forman

    Umhlanga Rocks Durban

  4. Peter Dielwart says:

    Dear Cornie

    We are saddened by the news of the loss of Mr. Louis Nel, we offer you and your family our sincerest condolences. We are certain that he will be sorely missed by family, friends and colleagues, alike.


    Peter Dielwart

  5. George Sparis says:

    Good day everyone,

    Firstly my deepest and most sincere condolensces to the Nel family as the world has lost an unbelievable and very special person.

    My name is George Sparis and all the Brunel staff know me as I audited Brunel’s books as an trainee accountant and that’s when I met Mr Nel.

    My first impression of Mr Nel was a very gentle and quiet person that always had his staff’s interests at heart and running a successful business.

    He was a very lively person and when I had to ask him for anything relating to the company, he always stopped and assisted me and that showed me so much as what a true and honest person he really was coupled with a lovely sense of humour made him so much more than just a business man but a loving husband to his wife and father to his kids.

    He will be dearly missed and he is in a safer place today.

    Mr Nel it was an honour to work with you and I will miss you so much.

    May your soul rest in peace.

    Georgios Sparis

  6. Brunel Sebenza says:

    To the Nel family, Rene, Paulet, Zonia, grandkids and family and all at Brunel Pretoria / Sebenza, our hearts go out to you. All thoughts and prayers are with you all. He was a great man and will be sorely missed. A huge gap has been left with the death of Louis. May he climb the endless mountains and peaks in heaven. A man who lived life to the full, followed his dreams, had a passion for his work, had the patience to cultivate bonsai trees, he was definately taken from us all too soon. Our sympathies go out to all that had the privelage to know him. Brunel Sebenza management & staff.

  7. Brunel Sebenza says:

    The management and staff of Brunel would like to thank all our valued customers and suppliers for your kind condolances and supportive words as well as your willing aid to help wherever needed. These kind messages and gestures is greatly appreciated by all.

    Syd Rogers and staff.

  8. Brunel Sebenza says:

    Dear Hannon & Julius,

    Your offer of transport for our staff to attend the funeral was kindness beyond the limit. We were all moved by your support and sympathy.

    Please thank you entire staff.

    Thank you,

    Syd Rogers and staff

  9. Brunel Sebenza says:

    These words are written.
    With a shaking hand.
    With eyes full of tears.
    With a heavy heart.
    With a mind in total denial.
    This can’t be…This just can’t be.
    Louis my partner.
    Louis my friend.
    Louis my confidant.
    I wish I could write a tribute to you, strong enough to let my words bypass the brain and touch the soul.
    I wish I could describe the unbelievable bond that existed between us.
    Receiving and giving.
    Sharing the two most vital aspects between partners, Loyalty and Trust.
    In God’s greater plan he created this partnership.
    10 years without one harsh or ugly word spoken between us.
    Louis came into my life and gave me the confidence to start again.
    Louis came into my life and I gave him a total new mind set.
    A new challenge and it excited him.
    Together we successfully tackled any project and solved any problem.
    Our friendship grew.
    His staff at Labs; Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing loved him.
    He was strict but fair and laughed at all our jokes.
    I know he lived for his family.
    His wife René, Daughters Paulette and Zonia, Son in law Scheffie, Grandkids Luné and Phillip.
    He once said to me “you have got two great daughters, but I am the only man that’s got two greater daughters”
    He lived for Brunel.
    Once a month discussing our monthly financials.
    Sitting round the boardroom table Syd; Leigh-Anne; Vanessa; Charmaine; Lara; in unison, knocking Louis monthly inflated targets out of the ball park. His greatest joy was for us to surpass his expectations, laughingly he would unsuccessfully try and find fault with our figures.
    He was so proud to be part of a factory with an ISO 9001-2008 SABS accreditation.
    Proud to be associated with Prof Anton Lotter; Prof Aubrey Parsons; Prof Dienkie Mulder.
    He reached for great heights.
    Louis you climbed the mountain of life.
    You walked the walk.
    The day you tied your laces for that fateful jog and ran out onto the road you were a happy and content man.
    Although we will never meet again in this lifetime, you will walk across our minds forever.
    Keep Louis memory alive; so when you think of him turn to the person standing near you and say “Louis Nel is walking across my mind”

    Your partner and friend,

  10. Rina says:

    aai ons mis Mnr Nel elke dag net meer en meer! Mev Nel en kinders alle liefde en weet ons dink aan julle xx

  11. Leana Bronkhorst says:

    Mnr Nel, vandag is weer baie swaar vir ons by die werk… Ons mis jou, maar tog voel ons jou teenwoordigheid by ons. Ons het gister weer al die grappies onthou van jou. Lindie wou selfs vra vir jou toe sy Edenvale toe gebel het. Vanoggend het ek jou Vito gesoek toe ek inkom by die werk… Hulle se tyd heel alle wonde, maar hoe lank gaan dit vat om gewoond te raak? Dis nogsteeds onwerklik!

  12. Santie Marais says:

    Every time I have to go into Mr Nel’s office, I can still feel his presence and cannot resist to still say “Good Morning Mr Nel!”, the same in the afternoons when going home to first go and say goodbye. It just still feels as if he is coming back, that he is just on leave. It is still hard to come to terms that he will not be back. Every
    day there is something that remind us of him, what he would say in certain situations, his good humor we miss the most. We really lost a truly great mentor. We miss you dearly, Mr Nel!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I find it very hard to write this and took a very long time to put this down on paper. A few years ago I came into Mr. Nels’ life as one of his workers. I had an eating disorder which Mr. Nel helped me with. I really do believe that with his help he saved me and will forever be indebted to him. There aren’t many people that will take the time to care enough to be this wonderful. He might not have remembered what he did for me, but I do and as long as I live his kindness will be remembered. Mr. Nel you are greatly missed. Thank you! To Mr. Nels’ family my heart is with you.

  14. Rétha Van Wyk says:

    Mev. Nel en gesin,

    Graag wil ek my innige simpatie aan u oordra met die afsterwe van Mnr. Nel.

    Dit was vir my ook n geweldige skok en ek bid dat die HERE jul krag sal gee om dit te verwerk en jul moed sal gee om elke dag op te staan en aan te gaan. Ek het my pa ook verlede jaar so skielik verloor en die verlies en skok is aan die begin so oorweldigend dat n mens nie weet hoe gaan jy na die tyd ” cope” nie, maar ek wil jul bemoedig deur jul daarvan te verseker dat as jul aan HOM vashou sal HY jul pyn en hartseer verlig en jul weer van SY KRAG gee om aan te gaan !

    Ek het n baie klein ou besigheidjie, maar Mnr Nel het my altyd so behandel asof ek n groot maatskappy is ! Sy professionaliteit en skerp humor sal my altyd by bly asook dit wat hy vir ons besigheidjie gedoen het ! Dit was verseker vir my n groot voorreg om saam met hom te kon werk !

    Baie sterkte met die besluite wat jul moet neem,mag die HERE jul die nodige wysheid en insig gee !

    Groete en beste wense.

    Rétha Van Wyk

  15. Norman Doak says:

    Thank you for that wonderful tribute.

    I have had business dealings with Louis over many years and always found him to be friendly and fair to me as a supplier.

    I was absolutely stunned to learn of his passing which, typically, came as he was doing something he loved, road running.

    Please convey my sincere condolences to his family and Brunel staff and I wish Brunel as an organization all the best for the future and look forward to a continuing relationship with your organization.

    Yours sincerely,

    Norman Doak
    Rand Packaging
    082 447 9293

  16. André Bence says:

    Dit is met groot hartseer dat ek kennis neem van die afsterwe van Louis Nel.
    Ek het as jong apteker by Driefontein Apteek in Secunda met Brunel en Louis
    kennis gemaak gedurende 1984. Sedertdien het ek redelik baie met Brunel produkte
    te doen gehad.

    Gedurende Julie 1990 het ek na Kloof Apteek in Joubertina geskuif en het toe vreeslik met
    duiwe medisyne te doen gekry. Ek het gedurende daardie tyd ook baie van Louis se kennis getap.

    Hy was ‘n wonderlike mens met goeie mense verhoudinge en ek is seker dat mense
    nader aan hom, hom geweldig gaan mis. Sy tipe se skoene bly gewoonlik leeg.

    Vriendlike Groete
    André Bence
    Kloof Apteek

  17. Anonymous says:

    Vandag is mnr. Nel se verjaarsdag. Ek is dankbaar dat ek hom kon ken en by hom kon leer. Hy was ‘n man waarna ek kon opsien en vir wie ek baie respek gehad het. Hy sal altyd in my gedagtes voortleef. Baie sterkte aan sy familie op hierdie moeilike dag.

    Michiel Venter
    Brunel Laboratoria

  18. Anonymous says:

    Dink baie aan hom !! 😦

  19. Leana Bronkhorst says:

    Vandag is dit 1 jaar terug wat die tragedie gebeur het… Ons mis hom vreeslik en praat nog baie van hom, maar nie sonder om die hartseer te vergeet nie. Vandag gaan maar ‘n goor dag wees. Baie sterkte aan Mev Nel, Paulet, Zonia en familie. Ons voel saam julle die pyn en hartseer :/

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