Yamadori Bonsai

Yamadori Bonsai

What a nice surprise I had on the 5th January when I started working, to find the Nichin Bonsai magazine in the post. I enjoyed your editorial on Yamadori and it really made me think about what I have done in the past and what my attitude should be in the future regarding collecting of trees from the wild.

Most of my better trees I collected myself. Because of your editorial I went to each of my 112 trees and made an inventory of when and where I had collected them. I am glad to realize that except for three trees all the other trees were collected by the following means –
(1) Where farmers wanted to get rid of invasive trees
(2) Where ground was cleared to build new buildings
(3) Where granite hills were being destroyed by mining activities
(4) Where new roads were being constructed.
(5) A friend gave me a tree which he dug from a site where a squatter camp (informal settlement) was to be erected very soon.
(6) One of my biggest trees I obtained by air layering a big branch of a tree in the hills over a period of eighteen months which is still going.

I must confess that the three trees were collected for selfish reasons, which will not happen again, especially after reading your editorial.

Louis Nel, Republic of South Africa
Nichin Bonsai 04/2008

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