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A Tribute to Louis Nel

The tragic news is that Louis Nel, was killed by a reckless driver close to his home while out jogging. His funeral will be on 29 April at 11:00 in the NG Church Faerie Glen (c/o Manitoba & Glenwood).

When I joined Alpha Centurion Runners and Walkers in 2002, Louis Nel had already been a long time member of our club and had represented the club in Gauteng colours.  It was only during the weekly time trials that I got to know him.

Living in Faerie Glen he found it easy to join Alpha Centurion Runners and Walkers, as his business was in the industrial part of Centurion, being BRUNEL, where both Simon and Danie have been employed by him, and where they still are employed.

He studied at TUKS  as a pharmacist, was a businessman with not only with partnership in BRUNEL which is pharmaceutical business, but also as a partner  various other pharmaceutical businesses.  When in Centurion, he found it easy to pitch up at the time trials. He was also part of a group near home, with whom he trained for many years. On the morning of the accident one of these running partners was also critically injured by the same vehicle.

Hooking up to him on the time trials, I found out that he had a passion for outdoor and extreme excursions, similar to what our running friend Bert van der Raad has.  I got to know him more personally when I joined in Nepal Annapurna trek in 2008, where he was the leader. We bunked together in the same rooms for 21 days and became friends, having much in common which includes our mutual love for Jesus Christ as our God and Saviour.

I will always remember our quiet time,  in scripture reading and prayer even at a height of 4200 meters with temperatures -15˚C and lower. Louis asking me . “Are we not going to read Bible tonight?”  I led in Scripture reading, both of us lying in our sleeping bags and me reading in the cold with a flashlights.

He led four trekking expeditions for Summit Ventures, and will be remembered by those who accompanied him as a beautiful person, who enjoyed life to the full. Warm and caring, capable in the outdoors and strong in leadership with a lovely sense of humour, he attracted a wide circle of friends. We mourn his passing, and extend our condolences to his family.

A great guy.  We will miss him.

Albert Coetzee

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